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::Power Transformers

Up to 5000 VA (5 KVA) power rating, up to 50 amps. EI, three phase and UI lamination shapes available. 130 and 180 degree UL recognized component insulation systems available.

  power transformer 1 power transformer 2
  power transformer 3
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::Industrial Control Transformers

Many types of termination available including touch-safe. Layer or bobbin wound. Class 2 Transformers.

  industrial control transformers insdustrial control transformers 2
  industrial control transformers industrial control transformers 4
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::Medical/Dental transformers

Isolation transformers. Custom designs/vacuum varnish. Design to UL60601-1

  medical dental transformers
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::Off-shore Capabilities transformers

Very cost effective small transformers and coils.

  off-shore capabilities transformers
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::Ferroresonant transformers

Known also as constant voltage transformers, large input voltage variations result in very small output voltage variations. Square wave output.

  ferroresonant transformers
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