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::Lamination Sizes

E & I - 3/16" to 4" Center Leg

UI - 3/8" to 1.80"

EE- 24-25, 26-27

Three Phase - 1/4" to 1.80"

Automatic lamination machines used on E & I and three phase laminations for accurate and economical stacking.

::Lamination Grades

Non-Oriented M19 through M56

Grain Oriented M-6

50% and 80% Nickel

::Winding and wire

Multi-Winding machines with capacity from #14 to #46 wire.

De-reeling racks that allow winding up to 32 coils at one time.

Bobbin-winding machines that can handle heavy and fine wire.

Single winding machines that can handle 4 square wire and finer.

Automatic lead wire stripping machines.

Vacuum varnish and curing facilities for varnish, epoxies, potting and casting.

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